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Crediito is a salary disbursement services that allows employees of partner companies to access a portion of their earned, accrued salary on demand

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How we operate?


Crediito gives the platform to the corporates to support their employees.


Your employees download the app and start accessing their earned salary via crediito.


Corporate invites their employees so that they can have access to ATS (Any time salary)


At the end of the month,crediito is paid out via the regular payroll.

Our Partners

We partner with employers who are making change happen, enabling them to support and work towards the financial well-being of their employees.

Before entering into a partnership, we evaluate 3 important aspects for each potential employer partner

Corporate background - professional background of promoters and operators, analyze ongoing litigation, and reference discussions with key clients and other stakeholders.

Financials - Analysis of past years’ annual reports to understand scope, company growth, unit economics, profitability patterns, current cash position and outstanding debts and loans

Business development review - review of key contracts, industry trends and assets to understand the employer partner’s ability to pay accrued disbursements Crediito.

Crediito makes you a company that nobody wants to leave

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