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Crediito empowers employees to take control of their personal finances and liberates them from expensive, exploitative credit services.


CREDIITO sole mission to bring ATS ( ANY TIME SALARY ) access to the last mile within the country and Internationally to workforce /employees 24x 7.


To be India’s most demanded and referred ATS platform among employee for financial access with presence in5 Countries with over 10 Million+subscribers in next 3 -5 years .

Who we are?

Over 75% of Indians live paycheck to paycheck. Nearly half will not be able to handle an unexpected expense. With workers and their families operating on such tight budgets, improving the timing of cash flows can be the difference between retaining an employee or having them quit.

With Crediito, Employers can support their employee’s financial wellbeing and benefit from the improved productivity, retention and lower attrition rates.

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Our Team

We believe in a team fueled by good conduct and resilience. It is driven by our values.
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