ATS (Anytime Salary)
Pay your people when they need it
Offer your employees ATS (Anytime Salary) at zero cost to company
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ATS (Anytime Salary) gives employees access to their earned salary instantly, between pay cycles!

Not a loan
Zero cost to you

Crediito credits the employee instantly in just a few clicks

  • Employee requests earned pay on Crediitoo
  • Crediito credits salary instantly
  • Crediito reconciles with your payroll
  • You know where it all stands, with analytics

Your employees are happier

  • ATS firms automate the anytime salary payment process in exchange for a small transaction fee
  • Employees access theirearnings earlier than the regular payday.
  • Employers transfer the remainder of their employees’ salaries on payday.
  • Employers reimburse ATS firms for paying workers’ wages in advance.