Crediito is the right earning on demand provide for your organization.

Crediito allows employees of our partnering firms access to a portion of their earned pay as soon as they earned pay as soon as they have earned it with, importantly, no financial impact on your business and a seamless payroll, time and attendance management system at no cost.
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  • Zero Cost to Your Company
  • Intergrated Seamlessly with Payroll
  • No Changes to Payroll Cycle or Cashflow
  • Exposes You to no Financial Risk
What employers get with Crediito?
Realtime employee analytics and engagement tools

Improve employee productivity

by eliminating financial stress

Attract talent & reduce employee turnover

via earned salary access

Track employee financial health

via Crediito employer dashboard

Zero-cost plug and play

compatible with your HRMS

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Crediito focuses on building long-term financial wellness for the employed workforce via multiple tools for easy budgeting, tracking and financial coaching. Download the Crediito App if your Employer has partnered with Crediito