Financial Wellness
We can learn Good finance here
We give free financial wellness for every Crediito user,We all know that food, shelter, and safety meet our basic fundamental human needs, We know that humans crave connections, social activities, and relationships. We know that mental fitness and mental health are crucial to achieving a sense of wellness.
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Why financial coaching?

A majority of Indians don’t understand finance. This leads to debt traps, which have a ripple effect on the quality of life. 42% Indians borrowed high-interest loans last year. Financial literacy can empower your employees to break-free of debt cycles, make sound decisions and become self-sufficient.

Indians are financially literate

Don’t understand basic finance

Financial literacy in women

Break debt-cycles with Crediito’s financial wellness

Help your employees to take control of their finances

  • Freedom from high interest loans
  • Plan for unexpected needs
  • Ability to achieve life goals
  • Ability to manage daily expenses
  • Take informed decisions
  • Reduce financial burdens